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Hi my name is Alfredo Ramos. I am 12 years old and go to 6th grade. I train karate at Elite Athletic Center and have been training there for 5 years for now. I am a first degree black belt. I like karate because it helps me to focus, improve my strenght and health. Also because I feel likes a fun sport to do and also consider it a type of art style involving katas. I entered karate because I wanted to improve on my health and also have a lot of knowledge to help protect myself. My expectations when I just entered karate was to improve on my health and also have a lot of knowledge on karate. Also to get very far like for example to get my black belt and keep moving forward. I feel like i have achieved my goals because i have done pretty good at maintaining my health and knowing a lot of knowledge about karate like such many things in kata and kumite. My goals for now is to become always good at my katas in higher level at all times. And also in kumite to gain more knowledge of strategy and speed. A last thing thing that to also to become a better karate person not only in the outside but also in the inside as well. 



 My name is Nicholas-Adrien Matibag. I am currently a blue belt and I have been training at Elite Athletic Center for about five years. I joined Elite Athletic Center around the summer of 2011. I chose to train at Elite because I wanted to know what it was like to learn a martial art. I even figured that it would benefit me in the long run because I was always the smallest out of my peers and the one who would always need protecting. But what mainly solidified my decision to join Elite is the highly acclaimed martial arts movie, the Karate Kid. After watching Daniel LaRusso beat up his bully, Johnny Lawrence, within a few months of training, I couldn’t resist. (Yes I know it only happens in the movies) When I began training, my only goals were to obtain the skills necessary to defend myself and to one day earn my black belt. So far I feel confident that I am more than capable of defending myself and others should the time ever call for it. I obviously still have a long way to go before I obtain my black belt; I should hopefully earn it after a few more years. When I initially started, I thought that karate was only beneficial in terms of self-defense. After a few years of training I realized that karate is more than just knocking someone out and tearing off the limbs of your attacker. I learned that karate is not only an art, but a way of life. Elite Athletic Center gave me the discipline I needed in order to succeed in life. Prior to joining Elite, I was a little rebellious and had a tendency to act brashly regardless of how others felt or the consequences of my actions. Now, I think about my actions beforehand and I try to consider the other person’s feelings. Thanks to Elite Athletic Center, I was able to turn myself from an immature kid to a grown, disciplined individual that I am today. 


Cathy Chen

Hi there! My name is Cathy C., and I've been a part of Elite Athletic Center for almost four years. The expectations for me at this dojo were high, but very reasonable and definitely attainable, especially with the training that I received from my Sensei and instructors. My own expectations for this dojo were all met: I learned the sport of karate and how to defend myself, and I did it all in a very supportive and agreeable (albeit demanding) environment. While at Elite, I've achieved a lot. My confidence grew as I explored what my body and mind were capable of, and my character developed as I realized how much more there is to learn. I've competed in multiple competitions, including international ones, and have gone home from every tournament with at least a bronze medal. I have multiple gold and silver medals. I first came to the dojo simply because I wanted to try something new, but karate and Elite dojo gave me so much more than that. I grew to love karate and incorporate it into my daily Life. I have no regrets as to joining Elite, and I can't see myself without karate anytime soon.


 Diana Ramos

Hi my name is Diana, I am 7 years old and go to second grade. I train at Elite Athletic Center. I had been training Karate for 3 years now. I am a purple belt now. I like Karate because it helps me to defend myself. Also I think its fun. A third reason why I like Karate is because it keeps me healthy and I learn a lot about it and how it helps me in different ways. My goal for karate when I just started was to learn a lot about it. And also my main goal was to get my yellow belt. Today I feel that I have achieved that because I know a lot about karate such as a lot of katas and kumite techniques. Also because I now passed my yellow belt. And now keep reaching high and move on for the next belt.  My expectations for karate is to have a lot of speed proper technique.


Ben Saakyants


I was 12 when my friend invited me to see his dojo and his training. I came into a small dojo with a lot of energy. At first it seemed like fun mainly because more people my age joined and seven clock was when we sorta hung out. My first impression of "kata" a powerful performance which looks like a dance seemed silly. Sensei DJ and Sensei Sherief at first began by teaching me the basics. In about a week or so me and my friends who were involved in karate with me began to experience what type of work we will be performing at this dojo. Speaking for my self, I joined Elite when I was twelve at a time when discipline was important to me and my development as a person. Karate was no joke for my friends and I as our Sensei's gave us more commands and responsibilities from the jump. My three friends and I from what I believe stood out from the rest of the kids at karate because we were Sensei's main target at the dojo. Meaning we were expected to train for long hours, show respect in the dojo and durning training, set a good example for younger children, clean the dojo, and attend activities which the dojo has. To tell the truth I was mainly going there because many of my friends went and because it was beneficial for my health. I only truly realized that after I quit like many of my friends (pretty much all) after 4 years of training, long summer karate days, tournaments, and all of that. Everybody began leaving I started having other things to do and I left. Two years after I quit at this present day I took upon my self for my health, athleticism, and balance of life to come back to the dojo (about two weeks ago) and start up again. It was a little awkward at first to join again because I felt guilty for leaving but with the amazing Sensei I have it was quite easy and made me feel always welcomed by Sensei, the kids at the dojo, and the dojo it self. I believe that my journey at elite is quite amazing and unique to me and I would like to thank Sensei DJ who I believe is a wonderful person who I admire and thank for his devotion to bettering me, he has made Elite an authentic and power full dojo. From my experience of leaving karate taking a look at life and then coming back made me realize that what I was a part of in life wasn't just some sport or health activity but more of as a place where a person can put oneself "on the line" and take on a practice and the responsibility which comes with it for his life and his actions in this world, and to take all this training to not only give practice for the body but more for the soul of a person and what makes that person who they truly are.

P.S. Lots of people from my years of doing karate have told me karate is a lifestyle, to me that seemed like just a bunch of words. As I take a look at this sentence now I believe that the way a person behaves in karate or whatever it is, is very similar to how they behave to life, so I begin to see how karate comes together with being a lifestyle. 

-Ben Saakyants